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He’s an idiot. But he’s my idiot. 

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In Photography at the moment we are looking at street photography. What I was amazed at as we went and started taking pictures was the amount of people that were so not okay with it. As a generation, we aren’t so laid back anymore. We went and took pictures of graffiti in a car park and got kicked out as we could have been potential drug dealers. We tried to take pictures of interesting, old objects and got told we needed permission. Even before we took photos we were told we needed permission, and we didn’t even have the camera up to our eye! It makes me wonder how photographers a few years back got away with taking photos, and when we came to a point where it’s not cool to take photos anymore. We are such a secretive generation.

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember going over the Reading crowd in the hamster ball 2014.

Taken with iPhone 5c.

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Paramore @ Reading Festival 2014 - Colours and Confetti

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"My brother went to college in America, and it was very hard for my parents to send him there. My father worked two jobs. I’d always hear him talking to my mother about money troubles. So when I graduated from high school, I went straight to work, to help pay for my brother’s school. I never resented it, because I knew he was more intelligent than me, and he deserved it. But now he has a great job in Australia, and I wish that I’d gone to college. But you know what? That same brother married into a family with two sisters. He married the older sister. And at the wedding, I met the younger sister, we danced, and now we are married. Her name means ‘angel,’ and she is my angel. And I tell her every day that she’s better than being a millionaire. So my brother got his job. And I got my wife." (Dhana, Jordan)